Kiwanis K kids meet at the museum event center

Recently the Delphos Kiwanis K kids held their bi-weekly meeting at the Museum of Postal History. Their meeting was held prior to walking to the Delphos post office to decorate the front steps for Halloween . Continue reading →Read More »

Curator’s Corner: Steamboats

In 1811, cutting-edge technology met up with the nation’s mail system, and there was no looking back. Fast-moving steamboats began traveling the rivers, replacing packet boats, rowboats, and rafts as a means to carry mail. Beginning in 1815, operators of Continue reading →Read More »

Curator’s Corner: Pony Express

The time has come to get a few items straightened out about one of the great American legends.  I am speaking of the pony express.  Many people associate the pony express with the Post Office Department – part of the Continue reading →Read More »